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    Sam Miri is a Senior Vice President (SVP) of Omnichannel Strategy at Bally’s Interactive. In his free time, Miri considers himself to be a BBQ connoisseur on the hunt for the tastiest and most unique renditions of BBQ dishes from around the world.

  • Sam Miri

    Sam Miri is the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Omnichannel Strategy at Bally’s Interactive. Well-established as an executive leader, Miri has held numerous leadership roles in business development and sales over the years. Recent roles include standing as Head of Sales at NextInput Inc. (which has since been acquired by Qorvo) and Senior VP of Global Sales & Business Development at Xicato Inc. Miri also represented InvenSense (now known as TDK) in various management roles. In his 6-year career in sales and business development at InvenSense/TDK, Miri stood as Vice President and Senior Director.


    To date, he has established himself as a capable executive leader. However, Sam Miri originally comes from an engineering background. He maintains a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and Mathematics, which he obtained from Santa Clara University in 1995. Even still today, Miri continues to be driven by the curious mind of an engineer!

  • Sam Miri BBQ Cuisine Enthusiast

    BBQ Cuisine Enthusiast

    Whenever there is a work potluck in the office, a family fun event or a friendsgiving celebration, you can be sure that Sam Miri will bring a unique BBQ dish to the table! As far as Miri’s taste buds are concerned, BBQ is something that can be enjoyed year-round — not just during the summertime. A fan of both traditional grill-cooked meals and more unique takes in the kitchen, Miri enjoys trying out different dishes. He is a particularly big fan of steamboat BBQ; or hotpot barbecue cooked directly at the table with friends and family.